'theyr.tv weather' offers websites to link to theyr.tv with a proper opening on language, country and forecast.

A link to the leading Internet weather forecast site offers your users the bonus of viewing the rain, wind, temperature and cloud-cover expected over the next 3 days, with the ability for an advance precision forecast for any particular time during the 3 days at their desired location in Europe and North and Central America.

It is easy to see how your site will become immediately richer and more attractive to your customers.

Currently we are offering your visitor free service, each time you refer a visitor to http://www.theyr.tv

If your site is selected, you will be able to benefit from the same mass promotional exposure we offer all of our partners.

MAKE YOUR OWN URL: You are also free to link to our page by using the theyr internet weather button below. You can also replace the "http://www.theyr.tv/" with the URL of your choice. Find it by selecting the forecast area map, the product and the graph site (city) and then press the button for the right URL. If you want the user never to get an old forecast from cache you have to put a random string in the URL as is done on our home page. You will also find a list of regions and forecast sites for direct selection of proper URL for a proper site in different languages.

You can also put a site forecast directly on your page, see our home page about these mini portals.



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